May 17, 2016

ferm LIVING Pop-up shop

ferm LIVING Pop-Up shop - May 2016

As the first brand ever, ferm LIVING is opening the gates to the unique facilities 
at Bremerholm 6 in central Copenhagen, where you can experience 
a design universe with a shop, explore different exhibitions and join the events will
will have in the period. Enjoy delicious cakes, great wine, flower shop-in-shop and much more.
The pop-up shop opens Friday May 6th and is open all weekdays and Saturdays until May 28. 

Go and learn more about the Pop-up shop and the events here

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March 22, 2016


The talented food bloggers from Bowl Stories, Viola and Ben, have used our Neu Stoneware 
with the Brass Salad Servers to display their fine and colourful Easter recipes. 
See their take on the perfect Easter dishes - from a beautiful "Veggie Easter Basket" 
to a delicious "White Easter Eggs" dessert with strawberries. 

See our Neu Stoneware here


(recipe for two)

90g Pumpernickel Bread
1 Tbsp Pumpkinseed Oil
15g Pumpkin Seeds
10g Bitter Chocolate
Lemon Peel (organic), Salt

1. Blend the pumpernickel bread and add Oil and seeds
2. Grate the chocolate and add spices to the mix

6 Mini Carrots with green (organic)
1 Tsp Honey
Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon
35g Garlic

1. Cut the Green off the carrots and wash them
2. Fry them in a pan with oil and add the honey and spices
3. Add the garlic to the pan and sautée as well

2 medium sized Eggs

1. Cook the eggs for 6½ minutes and put in cold water for 2 minutes.
2. Peel them

1 Beetroot
2 Tbsp Apple Vinegar
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper, Sugar

1. Peel the beetroot and cut in thin slices
2. Marinade for five minutes with the remaining ingredients

100g Ricotta
3pc Radishes

1. Arrange sautéed wood garlic in a circle
2. Add ricotta on the plate and add a bit of salt, pepper and lemon peel for more flavor
3. Sprinkle the top with the pumpernickel mix
4. Arrange the cooked eggs, carrots, radishes, marinated beetroot and carrot green on top



(recipe for three)

Strawberry-Woodruff Stock 
(must be made the day before serving)

1/3 L Applejuice
120g Frozen strawberries
30g Sugar
¼ Vanillapod
¼ Orange Peel
3 Woodruff sticks
2Pc Gelatine
5cl sparkling Wine

1. Bring applejuice, strawberries, sugar and spices to boil and leave to cook for 5 minutes 
at low heat. After the 5 minutes remove from heat
2. Leave to flavor for 30 minutes
3. Soak the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes
4. Strain the stock through a sieve and warm it up a little, then add squeezed 
gelatine, to melt inside the stock
5. Add sparkling wine
6. Leave in fridge to cool down over night

White "Easter Eggs"
1/3L Milk
50g Sugar
Salt, Lemon Peel, Vanillapod

2 Egg Whites of large Eggs
35g Sugar

1. Bring milk, sugar and spices to boil and put aside
2. Beat up egg whites with sugar and add a pinch of salt until the mass is stiff
3. Take two spoons and scoop the stiff egg white into the hot, but not boiling milk
4. Put a lid on the pot and leave them in the milk for 5 min.

9 Strawberries
fresh mint leaves

1. Cut the strawberries in desired shape and arrange them in a bowl
2. Take out the stock of the fridge, blend it for a few seconds and pour it over the berries
3. Arrange the cooked easter eggs and decorate with fresh mint

Photo and recipes from Bowl Stories

February 12, 2016

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016


Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit or took an interest in our stand at 
this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016.

View our new SS16 Collection here

January 21, 2016

North Modern Fair 2016



Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit or took an interest in our stand at this year’s 
Northmodern Fair in Copenhagen. This year, besides launching our new SS16 Collection, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with "bubbles and cakes" !

View our new SS16 Collection here

January 13, 2016

SS16 Collection Spring Lines


Our SS16 collection continues the lines and strong aesthetic of AW15. 
The new collection is filled with well-crafted design and honest materials, designed to please the eye, the hand and the heart. 
Our two headliners are brand new to the ferm LIVING family; 
Herman chair and Punctual shelving system. 
2016 also marks the year of our 10-years anniversary. 
It has been an amazing decade for us and we’d like to use 
this opportunity to thank you all.
We couldn’t have done it without you.

View more on 

December 28, 2015

Prepare for New Year

Scandinavian "Kransekage"

In a traditional Scandinavian New Year we serve the classic "Kransekage". 
This cake is all marzipan goodness but not the easiest cake to make.
Maja Chocolat has put a modern spin on this cake with an "easy" recipe for New Years. 
Behind the berry and gold glitter exterior you will find delicious liquorice, soft nougat and marzipan with a hint of orange.

RECIPE (15 pcs.):


200 g marzipan
60 g of Powdered Icing sugar
20 g of egg white

Soft nougat
Orange or lemon zest
Raw Liquorice powder
Chopped chocolate

Freeze-dried raspberry powder
Freeze-dried blackcurrant powder
Edible gold dust

Put marzipan, powdered sugar and egg white in a bowl and whisk together well.
Add the flavor(s). Divide the mixed dough into small silicone molds and bake for 10-15 at 175 degrees until golden and fine.
Let the cakes cool completely before decorating.

Melt the butter. Mix sugar and freeze-dried berries or gold dust.
Dip the cookies in melted butter and roll them in the fine decorating powders.
Let them dry and store them in an airtight container until the clock strikes 00:00 
and it's time to pop the Champagne.

Get more inspiration for setting the perfect New Years table here

December 17, 2015

A Green Christmas

Green Christmas

When there's little to no snow in sight for Christmas, you might feel a little dispair
 - but don't worry, we have a solution at hand. 

Fill your home with different plants in modern Pots and Plant Holders. Get the feeling of Christmas by using small fir trees and decorate them with georgeous ornaments or subtle lights. 

You might even use the larger pots as dividers, to create small peaceful ‘islands’ or cosy corners in larger rooms. Perfect all year around with different plants of the season! Theese pots, plant stands and hangers will truly give you home the green LIVING style.

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December 8, 2015

Decorate for "Small" Christmas

Decorate for "small" Christmas 

Don't feel pressured to shove a too-big tree into your small living room. 
Instead, choose a smaller tree and raise it up on a platform such as a shelf or a window frame. 
That way, you get the Christmas-feel into your living room without taking up too much floor space.

Our pots are perfect for keeping a smaller tree in your home and are available in difference sizes and colours. You can even use the pots all year around and truly embrace the green LIVING lifestyle.

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December 1, 2015

Set the Perfect Christmas Table

Christmas table setting inspiration

Get inspiration on how to use subtle elements and still capture the Spirit of the Season.

Our Pen table cloth, made by 100% organic cotton with digitally printed "pen-stripes", 
gives your table a distinctive look. Set the table with the Neu Collection which is 
softened by the vivid grey glaze. Use Brass accessories to give just the right contrast in colours. 

TIP: Top your table off by decorating with just a few raw branches or fir. With a minimalistic tablesetting your food will just burst of colours and it will finally be Christmas!

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