December 28, 2015

Prepare for New Year

Scandinavian "Kransekage"

In a traditional Scandinavian New Year we serve the classic "Kransekage". 
This cake is all marzipan goodness but not the easiest cake to make.
Maja Chocolat has put a modern spin on this cake with an "easy" recipe for New Years. 
Behind the berry and gold glitter exterior you will find delicious liquorice, soft nougat and marzipan with a hint of orange.

RECIPE (15 pcs.):


200 g marzipan
60 g of Powdered Icing sugar
20 g of egg white

Soft nougat
Orange or lemon zest
Raw Liquorice powder
Chopped chocolate

Freeze-dried raspberry powder
Freeze-dried blackcurrant powder
Edible gold dust

Put marzipan, powdered sugar and egg white in a bowl and whisk together well.
Add the flavor(s). Divide the mixed dough into small silicone molds and bake for 10-15 at 175 degrees until golden and fine.
Let the cakes cool completely before decorating.

Melt the butter. Mix sugar and freeze-dried berries or gold dust.
Dip the cookies in melted butter and roll them in the fine decorating powders.
Let them dry and store them in an airtight container until the clock strikes 00:00 
and it's time to pop the Champagne.

Get more inspiration for setting the perfect New Years table here

December 17, 2015

A Green Christmas

Green Christmas

When there's little to no snow in sight for Christmas, you might feel a little dispair
 - but don't worry, we have a solution at hand. 

Fill your home with different plants in modern Pots and Plant Holders. Get the feeling of Christmas by using small fir trees and decorate them with georgeous ornaments or subtle lights. 

You might even use the larger pots as dividers, to create small peaceful ‘islands’ or cosy corners in larger rooms. Perfect all year around with different plants of the season! Theese pots, plant stands and hangers will truly give you home the green LIVING style.

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December 8, 2015

Decorate for "Small" Christmas

Decorate for "small" Christmas 

Don't feel pressured to shove a too-big tree into your small living room. 
Instead, choose a smaller tree and raise it up on a platform such as a shelf or a window frame. 
That way, you get the Christmas-feel into your living room without taking up too much floor space.

Our pots are perfect for keeping a smaller tree in your home and are available in difference sizes and colours. You can even use the pots all year around and truly embrace the green LIVING lifestyle.

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December 1, 2015

Set the Perfect Christmas Table

Christmas table setting inspiration

Get inspiration on how to use subtle elements and still capture the Spirit of the Season.

Our Pen table cloth, made by 100% organic cotton with digitally printed "pen-stripes", 
gives your table a distinctive look. Set the table with the Neu Collection which is 
softened by the vivid grey glaze. Use Brass accessories to give just the right contrast in colours. 

TIP: Top your table off by decorating with just a few raw branches or fir. With a minimalistic tablesetting your food will just burst of colours and it will finally be Christmas!

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November 26, 2015

ferm LIVING x Weekday Carnival

Clean and aesthetic Christmas styling by finnish blogger Riikka Kantinkoski

We teamed up with finnish stylist and photographer Riikka Kantinkoski from to give you her version of how to decorate your home for Christmas in our online Christmas Magazine. She loves styling, decorating, DIY´s and small happy things in her every day life. She often redecorates her home and use it as her "playground" - fills it with pretty things with a minimalistic, distinctive and cozy feel.

Riikka has used subtle elements like fir branches and plants to create a more minimalistic Christmas.
She gives her take on how to decorate the perfect Christmas table
using the Neu Stoneware series.

TIP: Use our Pots for smaller fir trees to get the feel of Christmas into your home. 

Read all about the collaboration with Riikka and get more great decorating tips
online in our Christmas Magazine here

November 24, 2015

ferm LIVING x Maja Chocolat

ferm LIVING x Maja Chocolat

In our Christmas magazine the talented food blogger Maja Vase / shares 
three mouth-watering recipes, taking Christmas confecture and desserts to 
a whole new level of deliciousness. Dark chocolate truffle cake with cinnamon, 
cherry macarons and chewy chocolate caramels. 

Don't miss out - go to our online magazine here

November 19, 2015

ferm LIVING Christmas Magazine 2015

Welcome to our Christmas 2015 online magazine

We are proud to present you our version of Christmas 2015.
With this magazine we give you sweet treats, decoration tips and inspiration 
for the perfect Christmas gifts.

In the magazine you will find mouth-watering recipes from 
the talented food blogger Maja Vase /, who is taking Christmas 
confecture and desserts to a whole new level of deliciousness. 

We have teamed up with four of the leading Danish florists, 
who interpreted the perfect advent candleholder using our Candleholder Circle. 

And we teamed up with finnish stylist and photographer Riikka Kantinkoski / Weekday Carnival to give you her version of how to decorate your home for Christmas.

We hope you will enjoy the magazine.

Read it here


November 6, 2015



We have asked four of the leading danish florists to make their interpretation of
the perfect Christmas decoration using our Candle Holder Circle. 
Here are the final results and some thoughts behind:

Camilla has used the unique and distinctive flower 
Scabiosa Stellata to compliment the simple yet minimalistic look in the Candle Holder Circle. 
If dried the Scabiosa Stellata flower gets a beautiful brass coloured nuance, looking like small Christmas ornaments with stars in the middle. 

The styling is Nordic - warm colours from the Malus Floribunda matches with the brass circle and leather harness. A hint of white from the soft cotton buds gives it a "snowy" look which works as a fine contrast to the larch branches. 

The idea was to make a decoration that was refined in an unpretentious way with materials solely from Denmark. By doing that, Louise hopes to modernize the concept of "advent" a bit. 

For Kaktus København, it was important that the decoration had a timeless look and could be used not only for Christmas but all year around. They used the cactus as "Green Sculptures" to create a wow-effect. This decoration is not only modern, but creates a botanical universe which gives an esthetic and exotic look to any interior.

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October 28, 2015

ferm LIVING Cushion Guide

Need inspiration on how to mix the different cushions and work with colour themes? 
We have made a Cushion Guide which will give you an overview of our collection of cushions.
The collection consists of a variety of hand printed cushions, kelim cushions and quilted cushions in quality cotton and wool. In the guide you find details about the fabric quality and care instructions. 
The possibilities are many so please join us at

October 22, 2015


We are so excited about the new Kinfolk interiors book "The Kinfolk Home"! 
In this book Kinfolk visits 35 homes around the world that reflect the values of slow living - 
among these 35 inspiring homes is our designer and creator Trine Andersen.

Read more about Trine and ferm LIVING here

September 11, 2015



Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit or took an interest in our products at this year’s Northmodern Fair in Copenhagen, Formex in Stockholm and Maison & OBJET in Paris.

View our new AW15 Collection here

September 9, 2015

ferm LIVING summerparty x BLAD Magazine

ferm LIVING summerparty x BLAD Magazine

Some weeks back we launched our new AW15 collection at the Northmodern fair in Copenhagen.
To celebrate this as well as the beautiful Danish summer nights we decided to throw a party for friends of the house in our HQ courtyard. In order to get the mood and setting right, we teamed up with the two talented girls behind local BLAD magazine and let them get creative with our Hexagon vases, Geometry vases and outdoor pots. After many hours of love and ‘plant magic’ from Liv and Louise, our otherwise minimalistic concrete backyard was turned into a green and cosy oasis – a welcoming hide-away right in the middle of our urban neighbourhood. 

Thanks to everyone who joined and made it an amazing evening!

September 7, 2015



In our Kelim Magazine you get a glimpse behind the scenes of our Kelim rugs and cushions. 
Where proud ancient traditions from the South meet modern design with a Nordic twist.


August 12, 2015


New LIVING collection AW15

Everyday life is full of lines. In the stories we share, from the old sagas to modern life anecdotes, the story lines define the course of the plot. At ferm LIVING our design language is also full of lines – all telling a distinct story with a focus on simple aesthetics. 
This collection is a strong and colourful story with simple and decorative lines. 
Filled with well-crafted design and honest materials. 
We are constantly creating new lines and telling new stories. 

New KIDS collection AW15

This season we are focusing even more on the youngest members of the family as we are expanding our KIDS collection with brand new products – as well as we are building a separate communications platform dedicated to everything KIDS-related. This new universe ‘just for kids’ allows us to dive into a world filled with funny fable animals, mixed patterns and wonderful colour combinations with space for playing and daydreaming. 

Join our KIDS profiles at Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date!
Welcome to the ferm LIVING KIDS AW15 collection

June 26, 2015


We love to see people using our products in different ways. Like our Treasure Diamond as a sugar bowl or mixing our Half Candleholders with together with a great color palette!

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Photo Credit: ferm LIVING, @leammilife & @annavej via instagram

June 11, 2015


Inspiration pictures from our design-teams visit to our wallpaper factory.

View our selection of wallpaper!

June 4, 2015


Serve your favorite Summer dishes with our Neu tableware.
The talented food blogger Meike Peters has used our Neu Stoneware with the Brass Salad Servers
to display her fine and colorful dishes and recepies on her blog eat in my kitchen.
See her take on the perfect Summer setting - from a beautiful Rucala Salad with Plum, Pear 
and Orange Blossom Water to a delicious Blueberry Lemon Swiss Roll.

 See our Neu Stoneware here

May 19, 2015

A Merry Mishab x ferm LIVING

Once our designs have left the hands of our creative team and have been put into production, we sort of ‘say goodbye’ to them, as they will now move on to live their own lives in homes all over the world. Maybe that’s why we find it so much fun and inspiring to see how our items look in real settings of actual households: how are they styled, in which context are they being used etc.

We teamed up with talented US blogger and photographer Jennifer from AMM Blog to let her fit some of the ferm LIVING spring news in to her beautiful home, and here’s the result of Jennifer giving her personal spin on some of our favorites such as the Neu Pitcher. One of her aims was to show the products in a personal environment where they’d actually be used.

April 28, 2015


Here's a litle look behind the scenes on how our new Stamp designs was created. Vintage linocut blocks with different geometric shapes added a little splash of ink – and voila you have the Stamp pattern.

The design is used on our hand printed tea towels and paper napkins. Both the tea towels and paper napkins come in three color ways. Blue, black and bordeaux.

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