December 22, 2014


A little treat - here is a Christmas recipe for unconventional 'Æbleskiver' from one of our favorite chefs Mikkel Marschall:

“Brændende Kærlighed*” as “Æbleskiver**”

70 g of wheat flour
4 g of salt
70 g of cream
50 g of egg yolk
70 g of egg white
35 g of butter
40 g of finely chopped bacon
40 g of finely chopped onion

Fry the onion in the butter until they are transparent. Fry the finely chopped bacon. Whisk together flour, salt, cream and egg yolks.
Add the onion, butter and bacon to the mass. Whip the egg whites stiff and gently fold it into the mass. Pour the mass in to a baking bag.
Bake in an “æbleskive” iron pan in a little clarified butter.

* Brændende kærlighed (English: Burning love) is a traditional Danish dish consisting of mashed potatoes topped with fried bacon and onions.
** Æbleskiver (English: Apple slices) are traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive round shape