September 16, 2013


Another great collaboration for this season is with this very talented Swedish lady, Ingela Peterson Arrhenius.

She began her career in the late eighties, working as a production assistant in various advertising agencies in Stockholm. Her original plan was to become a graphic designer or an art director, so she enrolled at Berghs School of Communication. During training, she came to realise that illustration was her true calling, as she tended to solve all of her school assignments with drawings.
"Since then I have been a member of three different freelance groups: the first one was Rithuset, after that Stockholm Illustration. Today I work in the Stockholm suburb Enskede, where I also live, in a fantastic studio along with illustrators, designers, journalists, photographers and translators," Ingela says. 
During her early career, she worked with newspapers, publishers and advertising, now more often with products. Throughout the years she has worked on everything from children's books, stamps, cards and fabrics, to decorations for Stockholm department store NK and designs for bookshop Akademibokhandeln´s wrapping paper. A year ago, Ingela was approached by cosmetics giant Biotherm in Paris. Today her name appears on one of their collections and the company are also using her illustrations in their Christmas line.
"I've always liked nice things and a lot of my inspiration comes from visiting flea markets and antique shops. I’ll jump for joy on finding a nice old single-cover, a cooky little figure or a beautiful piece of porcelain - most preferably from the 50s and 60s. I always get a kick out of retro-inspired, graphic and colourful design, and have been faithful to it for 20 years," she says.

Ingela has put her touch on Wallpaper, KIDS bedding and textiles.
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