April 16, 2013


In 1967, cabinet maker Kaj Høffer Larsen designed a children’s chair for Hubert and Kitte Trojaborg, who at that time owned the company Hukit. Over 100000 chairs have now been produced, and chairs which are now 45 years old, are still going strong in the Danish kindergartens and with us!
In the 60’s, most children wore dungarees with a brass buckle that gathered the straps at the back. This annoyed the children and scratched the back of the chair, which is why Kaj Høffer designed the large hole in the back, which today is very characteristic of the chair’s appearance.
Today Hukit is owned by LEIKA Danmark A/S, who continues to hand build chairs in Denmark from sustainable Danish beech. Today the chair is known as a Danish furniture classic. 
For more info: www.hukit.dk and www.leika.dk