September 29, 2011


The Wool Pouf
A small piece of furniture that has a great impact on any room – our Wool Pouf is made of high quality furniture fabric and foam filling. The filling makes the pouf very stable, so it is perfect to sit on or to use as a foot rest after a busy day. The pouf has eight sides in four different colours, so depending on which colours you want the pouf to match, you can twist and turn it to emphasize the right colours.

Wool Cushions
These strong blocks of colour will leave a mark no matter where you place them. Each cushion is made up of two colours – a light grey and then either brown, blue, olive or curry.

Remix Bed Cover
A graphic eye catcher that will make your bed look stylish and modern in an instant. The front is a patchwork of triangle in different shades of grey, black and white and the back is all black.