December 3, 2010


For this Friday Shopping post we are heading back to Denmark to find the lovely shop Kaiku. Here are what the owners Dorte & Stine send to us. Read more about their shop on

1. Who are you?
We are Dorte and Stine. We are sisters and opened the shop in Copenhagen almost 4 years ago. We love great design and set great pride in offering good service and being kind to the customers. It's important to us, that we can relate to the products we have in the shop. Almost all of the products we carry are made by Danish women.
Kaiku, by the way, means an ecco in Finish. Therefore our slogan is: "An ecco of Scandinavian Design"

2. Where is your shop located?
In the small cozy street Kompagnistr├Ždet in Copenhagen.

3. Which 5 words describe your shop?
Service, atmosphere, personallity, Danish design, passion – we kiss every single product we have :-)

4. What is the best things in your local area/city?
The lungs of the city, the channels, the multiplicity and Dronning Louises Bro

5. What are you doing this the weekend?
Saturday we are always in the shop. Other than that, we are spending time with the family and this time of year in perfect for going to Christmas markets.