June 30, 2010


This is actually old news, but we just recieved these pictures we wanted to share with you. In May the Danish magazine FEMINA had several womens run in Denmark . We had the pleasure of designing and producing (100% organic cotton) the goodie bags for this event. The event was sponsered by IDEmøbler.

June 23, 2010


Tonight we celebrate the Midsummers Day here in Denmark. So happy Sankt Hans to everybody...

June 21, 2010


New movie by Sofia Coppola. Can't wait for it to hit the cinemas in DK.


We know... we haven't been so frequent on the blog for the last couple of weeks. Things have just been crazy busy at the office and in our limited spare time. But we did get to go for a quick trip to the lovely city of Ebeltoft in Denmark this weekend where we found this old abandoned building. Pretty cool...

June 13, 2010


Take a look at this cute girls room. The little girl who lives here is called Selma. Together with her mom and dad she just moved to a lovely new house where her parents did a great job giving new life to an old cupboard by putting up Dotty wallpaper.

June 9, 2010


Every year the Danish magazine "BOLIGMAGASINET" are hosting an award - DesignAward 2010. This year Trine Andersen, ferm LIVING, is nominated as "best Danish designer"- up against four great names: Cecilie Manz, Rasmus Larsson, Kasper Salto and Tom Rossau. The Award will be held 9th September 2010. The panel of judges concist of names as Christian Scherfig (Danish Design Center), Uffe Buchard (StyleCounsel), Anne-Louise Sommer (Danmarks Designskole) and Louise Lehmann (Boligmagasinet).
Wow this is exciting! Keep your fingers crossed for us.

June 6, 2010


It was a great pleasure meeting the store manager of Scandinavian Design House today. A gorgeous shop packed with all sorts of Scandinavian goods (also some ferm LIVING stuff) located in the beautiful Omotesando Hills. Now we're packing out suitcases and getting ready to go back to Denmark tomorrow morning. We will return with more Tokyo pics soon. Sayonara!


Day 5 in Tokyo and we spent the day shopping in Omotesando Street and getting overwhelmed by all the lights and people! in the Shibuya area.

June 4, 2010


After the fair we dragged our tired legs through the Ginza area for some great Yakitori. Allthough we didn't dare to try the raw chicken sashimi we did go for the quail, which surprised us a bit. Aparently you eat the whole animal with bones and everything... wow!


The Interior Lifestyle fair is now over and we must say that we believe that it went really well. We have to say arigato gozaimas to all the people, who were visiting the stand. There were some good leads to work with in the future for our distributor and we cannot wait to see what will happen on the Japanese market from now on.

June 2, 2010


Once again we were invited for some wonderful and traditional Japanese cuisine! Look at this fantastic dinner we had at restaurant EN while looking out on the beautiful Tokyo skyline from 42 floor...


This morning the fair "Interior Lifestyle Tokyo" opened in the amazing building "TOKYO BIG SIGHT". It was our first meeting with the Japanese shop owners – we are very excited about everything in Japan so far!

June 1, 2010


We arrived to Tokyo this morning after a long, but very pleasent 14 hour flight with Japan Airlines and spent the day decorating the stand at the Interior Lifestyle Fair. After that Mr. Sato took us out for a walk through the Ginza area and invited us to some super delicious sushi at a local restaurant, in such a hidden spot, that we might never find again.