February 1, 2010


Friday night we went to see the new exhibition at Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen.

Combining sculpture and installation with architecture and technology, Jeppe Hein sets up a dialogue between work, viewer and site. Like other of Hein's work the particular installation for Milieu Social involves the physical presence of the viewer set against a pattern of minimal forms.

Milieu Social presents two rooms, one containing bicycle and the other a large mobile consisting of mirrored disks suspended from the ceiling. The two parts of the installation are connected by simple but ingenious machinery that allows the viewer to animate the mobile by moving the pedals of the bicycle. Each of the mirrors in the mobile presents new views of the visitors caught in the middle of the seamless gallery space. Surrounded by mirrors, you become at once actor and audience, viewer and viewed, and your reflected image is simultaneously fractured and multiplied.
January 29 - March 20 2010