September 11, 2015



Thanks to everyone who paid us a visit or took an interest in our products at this year’s Northmodern Fair in Copenhagen, Formex in Stockholm and Maison & OBJET in Paris.

View our new AW15 Collection here

September 9, 2015

ferm LIVING summerparty x BLAD Magazine

ferm LIVING summerparty x BLAD Magazine

Some weeks back we launched our new AW15 collection at the Northmodern fair in Copenhagen.
To celebrate this as well as the beautiful Danish summer nights we decided to throw a party for friends of the house in our HQ courtyard. In order to get the mood and setting right, we teamed up with the two talented girls behind local BLAD magazine and let them get creative with our Hexagon vases, Geometry vases and outdoor pots. After many hours of love and ‘plant magic’ from Liv and Louise, our otherwise minimalistic concrete backyard was turned into a green and cosy oasis – a welcoming hide-away right in the middle of our urban neighbourhood. 

Thanks to everyone who joined and made it an amazing evening!

September 7, 2015



In our Kelim Magazine you get a glimpse behind the scenes of our Kelim rugs and cushions. 
Where proud ancient traditions from the South meet modern design with a Nordic twist.


August 12, 2015


New LIVING collection AW15

Everyday life is full of lines. In the stories we share, from the old sagas to modern life anecdotes, the story lines define the course of the plot. At ferm LIVING our design language is also full of lines – all telling a distinct story with a focus on simple aesthetics. 
This collection is a strong and colourful story with simple and decorative lines. 
Filled with well-crafted design and honest materials. 
We are constantly creating new lines and telling new stories. 

New KIDS collection AW15

This season we are focusing even more on the youngest members of the family as we are expanding our KIDS collection with brand new products – as well as we are building a separate communications platform dedicated to everything KIDS-related. This new universe ‘just for kids’ allows us to dive into a world filled with funny fable animals, mixed patterns and wonderful colour combinations with space for playing and daydreaming. 

Join our KIDS profiles at Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date!
Welcome to the ferm LIVING KIDS AW15 collection

June 26, 2015


We love to see people using our products in different ways. Like our Treasure Diamond as a sugar bowl or mixing our Half Candleholders with together with a great color palette!

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Photo Credit: ferm LIVING, @leammilife & @annavej via instagram

June 11, 2015


Inspiration pictures from our design-teams visit to our wallpaper factory.

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June 4, 2015


Serve your favorite Summer dishes with our Neu tableware.
The talented food blogger Meike Peters has used our Neu Stoneware with the Brass Salad Servers
to display her fine and colorful dishes and recepies on her blog eat in my kitchen.
See her take on the perfect Summer setting - from a beautiful Rucala Salad with Plum, Pear 
and Orange Blossom Water to a delicious Blueberry Lemon Swiss Roll.

 See our Neu Stoneware here

May 19, 2015

A Merry Mishab x ferm LIVING

Once our designs have left the hands of our creative team and have been put into production, we sort of ‘say goodbye’ to them, as they will now move on to live their own lives in homes all over the world. Maybe that’s why we find it so much fun and inspiring to see how our items look in real settings of actual households: how are they styled, in which context are they being used etc.

We teamed up with talented US blogger and photographer Jennifer from AMM Blog to let her fit some of the ferm LIVING spring news in to her beautiful home, and here’s the result of Jennifer giving her personal spin on some of our favorites such as the Neu Pitcher. One of her aims was to show the products in a personal environment where they’d actually be used.